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The most photographed place in North America is, not surprisingly, Walt Disney World. If you're a Disney fanatic (as the staff of Connect-The-Shots is), you likely have hundreds of Disney photos tucked away at home in boxes and on CDs where no one can see them. Where's the magic in that?

Whether it's a scrapbook of a wonderful vacation, a slideshow set to music, or a mosaic of all your memories in one print, Disney creations are our speciality. And if you don't think you have enough photos for a mosaic, don't worry – we'll fill out your collection with generic Disney tiles from our extensive library of theme parks and characters. Just let us know what parks you visited and what attractions and characters you saw!

Below are a few of our favorite Disney mosaics. Unlike most of the artwork on our site, these are personal mosaics from our own family vacations and are thus not for sale. But they give you an idea of the endless possibilites of a Disney-themed mosaic. (Please read our Copyright and Disclaimer statement.)

Disney Logo Mosaic

Disney Logo Mosaic - Mickey Mouse Ears
This simple design is our favorite – the familiar Mickey ears with a rainbow background, consisting of about 1200 tiles. Most of the dark center photos were taken at night at special shows like SpectroMagic and IllumiNations. Colorful Disney characters make up much of the background – Tigger's orange, Pooh's and Pluto's yellow, Mickey's red and black, and even Mike from Monsters Inc.'s green.
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Mickey Mouse Bow Tie Mosaic

Mickey Mouse photo mosaic
We found this great master image of a bow-tied Mickey on the web. (We later learned it's the logo of the folks at It too comprises 1200 tiles – all unique, as always – taken during our family Disney vacations since 1996.
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Epcot Photo Mosaic

Epcot Photo Mosaic - Spaceship Earth
Most of our mosaics are built on simple, conceptual designs. We prefer it when the individual tile photos are crisp and clear, and not blurred by a semi-transparent overlay of the master image. The latter (along with other graphical gymnastics) is necessary when creating mosaics of actual people or places, because otherwise the fine detail is lost. Occasionally, however, we'll create a true "photo" mosaic, such as this one of Spaceship Earth on a perfect day. The master image looks excellent from a distance, but the individual tiles are not quite as sharp as in the Mickey Ears or Mickey Bow Tie examples because of the need for an overlay.
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Custom Disney Mosaics:

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